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Azure Pay As You Go Vs Enterprise Agreement
By: admin

Enterprise Agreement (EA) You continue to buy Azure Services directly from Microsoft, but this is a project for a large organization that can make a consumer-related commitment. The minimum commitment is 3 years where you consume in advance the amount of money you commit. You can combine Azure services with the license part under the same contract, which simplifies in-house purchasing procedures. Customers can directly create a new Azure subscription. The most important benefit is the amount of the discount you get — it`s pretty important. For this nice discount, you are addicted for at least 3 years, and you can not reduce the cost of consumption for this period. You can increase engagement at any time, but you can`t reduce it, and the extras you need may not come with the expected discount. Professionals Aside from the fact that you get the best prices and discounts, what are some of the other additional benefits that an EA could offer a business. UPDATE: Everything works, detailed steps here www.reddit.com/r/AZURE/comments/f6njxb/update_transferring_enterprise_agreement_sub_to markup allows partner administrators to add a percentage of markup to their indirect enterprise agreements. The mark-up percentage applies to all Microsoft service information for the first parties on the Azure EA portal, z.B.: counter rate, Azure pre-payment and orders. After the markup was published by the partner, the customer sees azure-Kosten in the Azure EA Portal.

For example, usage summaries, price lists and downloaded usage reports. There are some specific Azure EA benefits next to the price to entice users to get out of Pay-As-You-Go. You can create and manage multiple Azure subscriptions with just one EA. You can also merge and manage all subscriptions to give you a business view of how many minutes of resources you use by subscription. In addition, you can assign accounting services and cost points to subscription burners, making it easier for you to manage budgets and display expenses at different rollup levels. While you can create a business agreement with Microsoft specifically for Azure, most companies that use this option already have an EA for using their software resources such as Windows, Office, Sharepoint, System Center, etc. If you have an EA for other products, you can simply add Azure to this existing agreement by making a prior financial commitment.

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