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I signed up to lose weight and become beautiful. Instead I somehow learned to believe in who I was and now am. Something that I am not willing to give up.


Change, it’s the reason we all signed up for the challenge. We can’t grow without changing first right. When this challenge first stared we were asked to share our reason to joining, what was our purpose. My answer was truthful but hard to say. I want to feel beautiful. For me that means I needed to lose a lot of weight. I want to be able to look in the mirror and not hate what I see. So the easy answer would be to say I lost weight, I did here what I came to do. Although the answer to this question is more complex than just simply losing weight. In the beginning the challenge was just what it promised to be it was a challenge. Everything I was doing was new to my body. I particular struggled with the amount of food. It seemed like it was too much, and at the beginning i felt as though I was just getting fatter. I also was frustrated that I didn’t really seem to see any difference in my body or anything really. At five weeks I had a food consult and although I thought that I was doing the diet right I was not he wanted me to eat even more. This here was I believe my biggest challenge. I did what I was told and again felt as though I was getting fatter. It was a battle in my mind; trust those who knew more than me or the feeling of getting fat. I chose to trust. Sometime after that I was getting ready for the day, as I was done I looked in the mirror and thought I looked kind of nice. This made me take a step back. I have not felt that way in almost 5 years. It made me wonder, “How is this possible?” I still feel like I had not really changed in any way so how was it possible? I had a positive thought about myself. I still don’t know how it is possible, I do know though that since that day I have found more and more that I like about the way I look. Perhaps this would seem like my biggest change, but it goes deeper still. Deeper even though it would seem that you made the impossible possible. I tried to identify what the change was I felt as though I had really only changed two things I was exercising 6 times a week and eating 6 times a day. So how is it that my mental output could have changed so much? As time went on I noticed the more I liked about myself the better I seemed to feel. I felt better in every sense. It was also so encouraging why not continue when it seemed to make me happy. Furthermore when it got hard I was still was able to believe I could do this. So although I said it went deeper than liking myself to being able to look in the mirror and not walking away feeling disgusted. The deeper it got the more simple it seemed. I still don’t know how all of this has happened. How my metal output cloud have changed so much without my knowing. This is something I contemplate but I have to emit I am not complaining. So it turns out that in order to feel beautiful I didn’t need to lose weight. What I needed was to change my attitude. By changing my attitude I found that something wonderful had happened my deeper change. I was given a quote at the beginning of the challenge. “You have always been beautiful now you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter, stronger.” I feel like this has so much meaning for me personally. I am beautiful and now I am stronger. I am becoming fit, and healthy. All of this is my change. Although it can be summed up in a few words. I have learned many things over this challenge.  So how has your life changed in the last 90 days? It is simple and complex now I love myself for me not who I could be or what I want to be, and because I can now like myself I can now believe in myself. Believing in myself is something new to me and it can be a challenge. I signed up to lose weight and become beautiful. Instead I somehow learned to believe in who I was and now am. Something that I am not willing to give up. This 90 day challenge is over but I am determined to stay true to who I am now healthier, fitter, stronger, and now believer. My life has changed.







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