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One of the biggest difference-makers I have noticed with FitMania is the sense of “belonging” to the group.

Fifty Percent.  Fifty percent is average.  I considered myself to be average; average at sports, average in school, average at life.  Over the 33, nearly 34, years of my life I became my average self, Average Nate.  If I thought I would fail at something, I didn’t do it or try it because I didn’t want to be in the “bottom”.  If I thought I was good at something, I turned out to be average at it.  The middle of the road became my safe zone.  I was never the fastest on the team, but I was determined to not be the slowest.  Looking around a room, I was never the most fit, but I wasn’t the “fattest”.  Everything became a comparison and I “won” because I settled and gave the excuse that I wasn’t the outlier on the negative side.

This mentality kept me in the middle of the road of my own life.  Then came FitMania.  FitMania gave me an awareness of my thinking and provided me with the insight and tools to change it.  No longer did I want to be my average self; I wanted to be my BEST SELF.  No one can beat me at my own life.

I stepped into my first class overweight and unsure about myself.  As I began that first class and the second, even that whole first week, I did my best.  I tried to keep up with classmates and the instructor, but the idea became engrained in my mind “give it your best”.  I was introduced to Challenge 10 five weeks into it and decided to join.  As the weeks flew by, I started seeing a change in my body shape, as fat was decreased and muscle began to strengthen and sculpt.  My relationships at home grew stronger as I “gave it my best” with my wife and kids.  I now had this drive to be the best husband and father that I could be.  The drive continued into my work, wanting to “give it my best”.  I found success in my projects and with my boss and co-workers.

Although the workouts are still very tough and this challenge is over, I have seen improvement in each exercise that I do. “Giving it my best” each time increased the number of reps from earlier in the week to later in the week.  I began to show improvement in those exercises which carried over from week to week, doing more reps and with better technique.

One of the biggest difference-makers I have noticed with FitMania is the sense of “belonging” to the group.  I have worked out with buddies, trainers, etc. and each time it was easy to skip out on a workout or take it easy, but with the 6am Meridian Class, I want to “give it my best”.  Everyone in that class has their own story of life and why they are there, but I saw everyone “giving it their best” and it motivated me to do the same.  I feel that if I miss a class, I am not only letting myself down, but all of them.  Although I don’t “hang out” with most of them, I consider all of them my friends and they have been a great source of accountability.

This Challenge gave me insight to my own my life.  I now see that I was settling to be my average self.  This affected the way I looked at myself in the mirror, the food I ate, how I worked out, and so much more.   To this day, the workouts at the gym and in life are still tough and challenging, but I will “give it my best”.






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