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The Fitmania program is more than workouts, nutrition, and goal setting.  It is about total personal health and happiness in LIFE!

I came out of my first challenge (Challenge 9) with a tremendous sense of pride in what I had accomplished, and an even greater energy to continue my journey to total physical health.  I learned so much in my first challenge, but there was so much more that I knew I could change to improve on my second effort.  I defined a long list of goals, big goals, goals around meals, workouts, and expected physical results.  As I reflect on Challenge 10, I am so happy with my accomplishments towards those goals.  I didn’t meet them all, some were probably unattainable, and some were unmeasurable, but in all I gave my best effort and saw incredible results from it.  However, without any shadow of doubt the best results out of this challenge had nothing to do with any goal I had written down.  I was so focused on tangible goals towards physical health, yet the biggest impacts came in the “health” of the rest of my life.  Physical health plays a vital role in mental health, and through my physical transformation I have seen just as significant an improvement in my mental health.  I am a happier person than I have ever been in my life; I am a better husband, a better father, a better friend, and a better coworker.  This change hasn’t just come as a product of the results of physical health; it has also come from the culture of Fitmania.  The trainers and other fitmaniacs that I have the pleasure to start my day with are a true inspiration and influence on my overall personal health and happiness.  The Fitmania program is more than workouts, nutrition, and goal setting.  It is about total personal health and happiness in LIFE!  It compounds upon itself, better physical health leads to more energy, leads to a clearer mind, leads to more patience, leads to better relationships,  leads to better self-esteem, leads to more self-confidence, and now that you have those areas under control you can focus on goals to further personal health and happiness in physical, mental, and spiritual health.  To share that with many new friends each morning is incredible, I love it!  To lead as an example to my friends and family and influence them to join this program is even more incredible!





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