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1 Pam

Wow, look at me! I’m setting goals, using a calendar and actually doing the things I wrote on it.

I joined Fitmania when my husband began challenge 9 in June and started working out at his pace of 5 to 6 days a week.  It was a fast addiction for both of us.  I was particularly elated to finally be able to meal plan and prepare food around a modified Paleo diet without having to duck and ward off a firing squad of complaints from the hubby (ie: “How do I eat eggs without toast” or “Way to ruin perfectly good pasta sauce. Just pour it over spaghetti noodles” or my favorite “What do you mean a burrito in a bowl. I need one hand to drive”)

Vicariously doing challenge 9 with Bill added a dimension of camaraderie and common interest to our busy lives that glued us together in a new and wonderful way. I loved the simplicity and discipline it fostered (Simplicity: I know when and what I can eat. Discipline: I started planning my work and world of activities around my daily workouts)  Wow, look at me! I’m setting goals, using a calendar and actually doing the things I wrote on it.

When Challenge 10 rolled around, I’d lost the bulk of my weight and inches and didn’t think I needed the challenge to stay on track. But thankfully, a friend of mine with serious health issues, decided to take the challenge, so I joined thinking I was doing it to be a support for her. Well, as it turned out, there’s something about a “challenge” and having an extra $99 of skin in the game that inspires one to go the extra mile and win the prize. I gave up sugar and processed food all together. In fact I made a deal with a friend at work to hold me accountable to the tune of $1.00 every time I cheated. She made 12 bucks. I found myself pushing harder and faster during workouts and getting up early to have quiet time and planning time in the morning.

During the challenge I sustained a shoulder injury that required medical attention and physical therapy. I was truly discouraged as it slowed me down and forced me to modify a lot of our workout routines. But I am convinced that had it not been for the accountability factors built into the challenge (ie: my coach and all the encouragement and support that fitmania friends and trainers provided) I would not have continued to work out regularly and finish strong.





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