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In the last 90 days, I have pushed myself harder physically than I ever have. I hurt (in a good way) almost every day because I wanted to challenge myself and see what this body and mind could do, which is why I decided on the Advanced Challenge. I never really thought it was possible to get the body I have now, even though it is far from perfect. After having children and having your body not feel like your own for so long, it is nice to finally have a body I am proud of. I am much more aware of the food I buy and eat. I actually crave the good stuff and the sugar cravings have gone away. If I cheat a little, I can only eat a small amount because I get sick to my stomach. My body knows best! I have seen a change in my kids and the choices they are making. They are all athletes, so they know the importance of good nutrition, but it makes a big difference when their mom is living it in word and action. I look at the quality of food and portion sizes differently. I like trying things that might not have been something that looked good to me before, which makes this process fun and interesting. I have learned that any new plan to stay healthy, must involve consistency. My main word that motivates me is “CONSISTENCY.”  This is a life style, not a three month challenge. Developing good habits that stay with me forever is my goal. It’s what motivates me to get up early every morning (when I don’t really want to) and push myself in class – trying to beat my previous times and numbers. I am only in competition with myself, but if I challenge others too, then that’s a bonus.

Being active, healthy, and fit makes you a happier and more successful person. You are able to accomplish things you didn’t know you were capable of.  I got a substantial raise at work this year and I am looking to continue to strive for more. I am more focused and positive person to work with, which reflects in my work habits and abilities. I have enjoyed the financial classes to get me going in the right direction for my future. I have been studying my retirement  investment (as small as it is) and learning to improve it and how to invest smarter. Accomplishing all my goals physically, mentally, and financially have been the biggest changes in my life for this challenge. Trying to be the best “ME” is what it’s all about.

If I could inspire anyone to experience the benefits of the Lean for Life Challenge, it would be my four kids. I want what’s best for them and I want to share what I’ve learned. I don’t want them to go through years of feeling tired and negative about life. I want to teach them about goal setting and striving for those goals. I have a son who aspires to go to a prestigious school for college and a daughter who wants to be a professional soccer player. I know they can accomplish anything and I will be right there as their cheerleader, confidant, and the push in the back. Since I have become strong and motivated, I can now pass that along to them.





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