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Becky P

Starting a challenge at the beginning of summer didn’t sound like a good idea to lots of my friends. With all of the vacations, late nights, lack of schedules and parties, there would be so many temptations and obstacles in my road. I decided, that regardless of what they thought I knew better. You can’t decide to just change your life when it’s convenient. Something will always come up to interfere and you just have to be firm in your decisions NO MATTER WHAT! I decided that moderation was the key to my success. I find that if I try to be too extreme in my eating habits that I tend to hit a point where I cheat, and then feel like I’ve failed and give up.so my thinking has changed, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better every day. As I was talking to one of my friends right before our challenge ended, she was sad about how much weight she has gained over the summer and how excited she was for school to get back in so she could get back to the good habits. Although I was disappointed for her, I could smile for myself that I wasn’t in the same boat. Not only did I not gain weight over the summer, even after going on a cruise, but I have even lost weight. This is actually the same person that I would love to inspire to do the next challenge. Because I have learned and now recognize that I healthy lifestyle is all mental. It has to become just a normal part of everyday life.  I hate to see people suffer with a low self-esteem and hatred for themselves because of the lack of control they feel. That is what that Fitmania is for, helping you gain control of your life.





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