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My life has changed a lot, my strength and my stamina have increased. I feel better about myself both mentally and physically. I now feel like I could go help my friends during hay season or other jobs that require physical strength.  I have a love of the outdoors; backpacking, motor biking and hunting are some of the things I have done in the past and it has been quite difficult. Now I look forward to these activities and I am even thinking of a future job of outdoor events that test new hiking and backpacking equipment.  I also enjoy a few sports but have not felt strong enough to play. I am looking forward to trying out for the lacrosse team this spring.

I live today with a hope and excitement for my future. I choose not to eat sugar. The food tastes so much better with the natural sweeteners, such as pure maple syrup, and all the fruits.

Now I think that I can do it. I’m not concerned that I won’t be able to participate in physically demanding activities. I seem myself succeeding in the things I try.

The most important thing I have learned is I am strong, mentally, physically and in my health choices. I am so glad I took this step and participated and finished this challenge.





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