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Because of a personal situation that arose in late August of this year and because I experienced a “backsliding” during and after challenge 6, I decided Challenge #7 was going to be the challenge that changed me the most in a very long time. This was going to be the challenge that broke me out of the plateau of my progress. The beginning of this challenge was a time when I felt so affected by the conditions I found myself in. The limitations that my mind would set in place before I would even set out on a task was paralyzing. I was goals were disorganized and my desires foggy. I feel like all this has changed. I resolved to change and reversed my trends. My ability to set and track goals has greatly improved. I get more done each day because of the daily outline I have set thanks to the help of this 90-day system.

I’ve always considered myself a closed person. Sure, I’m a person that can work with those around me but a person that is superficial in my work relationships and acquaintances. Now after having set goals to be more open, conversational and honest with everyone (especially those I’m around most), the relationship I have with my wife is the best it’s ever been. I now go out of my way more often to connect with people that I wouldn’t regularly approach. The relationships I have with those I work with are better than before.

After fearing stagnancy in creative entrepreneurial thinking and mental development, I’ve started meeting regularly with a personal mentor that challenges me to think outside the box and excel financially and professionally. I’m also part of a “Big Thinkers” group in which I’m surrounded by those that have the same goals as me but certainly have accomplished a lot in life. Because of that I’m brain muscles are stretched. I look up to every single person there.

Physically, I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to. I pushed myself harder physically than I have in a while because of the advanced fitness testing. It was challenging but so rewarding. I’m so happy to have improved all of the tested exercises. After all, I’ve got to keep doing new things physically just as I’ve talked so much about the mental development areas.  Inches down in the the abdomen and up in the arms, chest and shoulders is exactly what I was aiming for. I don’t think I could have done that without my daily P3 Protocol: Extra push-ups, planks, and pull-ups.

The process of setting, writing down, tracking and reminding yourself constantly of your goals is the only way to accomplish your desires. These will be skills that I will practice with consistency and from which I will experience the benefits of the compound effect. The benefits being… RESULTS! PROGRESS! CHANGE FOR BETTER! Progress is a daily occurrence now because I’ve plugged in to the challenging yet rewarding system that is FitMania’s 90 Day Challenge. This challenge program is straightforward. It works. It lasts. With each one, I’m discovering a little bit more of the FitLife. Something that I want to keep doing for the people I love most.

I’m getting close to convincing my Dad to start this. He’s 67 and has 8 boys who ride motorcycles and go backpacking. I know he wants to spend time with us and we want to spend time with him. This’d just make that easier. He’s gotta keep up with us! I’ll continue to be the influence that encourages this lifestyle. I’ve got to keep inviting him.





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