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The last 90 days have brightly illustrated the truth that the course of your life is determined by the tiniest of decisions. Much like one IM (Instant Message)can lead, in just four months,  to a wife and two kids, finally letting said  wife convince me to try her squishy floored, barefooted boot camp,  has led me to live differently, think differently, and feel differently.

The way in which I live is drastically different from the way I lived three months ago. A typical day started with me waking up at the last possible moment, which often resulted in me being late to work. On the way to work, I would often stop at Maverick to start my day right with a 20 oz. Monster Zero Ultra (Red, White or Blue because I’m all about America) in a cup full of ice. From there (after arriving late of course) I would make an early lunch of a 20 oz Coke Zero, again in a tall cup of ice. Lunch would find me spending ten to twelve dollars at (Café Whatever) where I would refill my 20 oz. Regular Coke (cause I deserved some sugar after all that no-cal stuff) three to five times during the course of my totally healthy Smothered Sweet Pork Burrito. Midafternoon, after I recovered from my fuzzy coma brain, I would get some work done (after all, I needed to be able to support my Sweet Pork habit) and come home.  At home I would often feel overwhelmed and stressed. My moods would change with the wind. It’s a testament to my wife’s patience that she didn’t go all Scarlett O’Hara on my face every day.

Today I am happy to say, that while I still enjoy a tall cup of ice filled with Coke on special occasions, (Free Meal Day!) my day looks completely different. Because of FitMania, I now get to work an hour early. I save enough money on beverages and Sweet Pork to pay for my wife’s and my membership, and I can hardly remember the last time I fell asleep in a meeting. I am more patient with my children, my moods are much more stable, and my wife identifies less with Scarlett and more with Jessica Rabbit (although she’s going to kill me for that one).

Before Fit Mania, my attitude was that of apathy. As far as I was concerned, I was never going to have any real muscle mass, so what was the point.  I did workout at home, although I always managed to find something better to do on leg day…also on Fridays…and Saturdays. Ok, basically any day other than chest and arm day. I thought that I could, even deserved, to  eat and drink whatever I wanted given my inability to gain weight and my families already strict food restrictions (my daughter is allergic to EVERYTHING). I found it very difficult to believe that I lived an unhealthy lifestyle. Until my innate bias’s, or status quo, was challenged, I couldn’t believe that there was something better. I now think differently about almost everything health related, from the types and quantities of foods, to the amount of cardio required, even to the need to work my legs (as if that could be avoided at FitMania).  For example, I have always thought that running was a fruitless endeavor for me. From my funny shaped shins, to my exercise induced asthma, running was just a terrible experience.  I never expected that training the FitMania way would carry over to long distance aerobics, but after two months of boot camp, I ran two miles without any problems. It was even mildly enjoyable.

After 35 years of skinny guy syndrome, (I know, woe is me, but you try high school at 6’2” and 145 lbs), when I look in the mirror, I can honestly say that I don’t see that skinny, uncoordinated guy anymore. Ok, this is a big deal to me. For instance, not more than 6 months ago, I was so afraid of losing weight, that I would actually drink almost two liters of Coke a day, for the CALORIES! Now that’s crazy, but that’s the way I felt about myself. Today I literally do not act, think, or feel that way anymore.  In short, I feel fantastic. Thank you.





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