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Fitmania has lit the torch of success in my life. A torch I plan to carry forever. The torch I speak of is a philosophy that represents three areas of my life; self-improvement, relationships with others and setting/achieving financial goals. While I have always known I needed to improve in these areas, it wasn’t until I spent time at Fitmania that I realized that I can do it!

First, self-improvement. Fitmania nurtures a culture of self-improvement. Everyone has been positive and encouraging from the administrators to the trainers to the participants. Through them I have learned to push myself. I have learned to keep trying and that “I will pass out before I die”. Through perseverance I have become slimmer, stronger and have more stamina. People who know me are noticing differences in my physical appearance and are complementing me on the changes. Before now I don’t remember ever being excited about how I looked, but lately, I find myself taking long pauses in front of the mirror! I have also become more aware of what I eat. It now matters to me to know what’s in the food that I eat and to avoid the things which I know are harmful. I now tend to crave simple natural foods and I believe my sense of taste has become more acute. Frozen berries have become my candy of choice.

My second area of improvement has been in my relationships with others. The class on marriage relationships was great and I have learned that everything you give to others comes right back at you with interest! Service to others brings balance to your life. It’s a way of saying thank you for all we receive. I feel thankful for all that I am learning and I share it with others.

The third area of improvement that I’ve experienced at Fitmania has been in regards to my financial situation. I have gained hope! I have struggled in this part of my life in the past but I feel that I have gained some tools to deal with this now. Playing Cashflow on Tuesday nights and attending classes has opened my eyes. The audio book library has been fantastic! I think the biggest contributing factor to my progress in this area has been associating with people who have already tackled the same problems and are more than willing to share their experiences and solutions. I am now taking the things I am learning and I am developing a plan.

In regards to the 2nd question of who I would like to inspire to experience the changes that I have experienced, I would say my Dad. My Dad is very overweight and diabetic. His body is holding him back from doing what he would like to do and I am slowly seeing him give up. He is in his mid-seventies and can’t be on his feet very long but I would love to find a plan that could put him on a path of recovery. I wish I could just move in with he and my Mom for a few months and take them out for exercise and to be there and prepare food for them that is tasty and healthy for them. If only I could light a torch for them that would show them the way to a far healthier lifestyle, I would be pleased beyond measure!

These strategies for improvement are my torch and I will carry it high. This is an evolutionary process with revolutionary potential. I believe that what I have learned in the last 90 days is the beginning of great things to come. Thank you Fitmania for putting me on the right path.





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