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There were some side successes too; the way I look and feel, the confidence boost I have experienced and an improved attitude

I accepted the Lean for Life Challenge because I was getting old and was not ready for that to happen. I was losing flexibility; how I dreaded when I dropped something under my desk. I felt like I had to be extra careful in things I did so not to pull a muscle, seemed like I was almost living in some sort of fear. The last straw was when my business partners told me how stressed I was, more than normal; it had to be lack of exercise and the poor eating habits I had developed.
My initial goals for the Challenge were to finish the 90 days with a minimum of 5 boot camps per week, get my weight down to 180 pounds while lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure. The attendance goal was accomplished far easier than expected and I lost 22 pounds coming within 2 pounds of that 180 pound goal (which has now been revised to 175). My blood pressure was reduced and I am having blood work completed next week, but am confident that my cholesterol is greatly reduced.
My biggest obstacle was my knees, they just were not happy. I aggravated them prior to joining FitMania and had to work through irritation, but they did not prevent me from participating. The trainers were very helpful, instructing me on proper form and providing little tricks, especially with lunges and squats, which have been really key for me.
There were some side successes too; the way I look and feel, the confidence boost I have experienced and an improved attitude. I seem to handle stress better in spite of all my extra activities, my flexibility is greatly improved and an added benefit, improved balance. Balance is something that I did not think much about but it is so important in every aspect of life, especially as I grow older. I still work a lot, eat more often, have more drive and a desire to do additional things like a new 6:00 Friday morning bible study. I am committed to continuing the new habits I have formed and seeking more benefits in the months ahead.





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