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Listening to positive messages each day put a new perspective and outlook on what I should accomplish

I started challenge #7 with the goal to win without putting much focus on anything else and it soon controlled the next 90 days of my life.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was letting my competitiveness consume me.  This time I started the challenge to improve myself and to prove to myself that I was more than just a competitor. I wanted to improve my life and the lives of others around me.  I was out of town for nearly half of the challenge, which in turn helped me achieve more goals without me realizing it.  Because I was dedicated and set the goal to workout no matter where I was, I was able to influence others around me for the better.  My sister and sister in law were noticing the changes in me and loved how I looked.  During one of our camping trips they asked to join in on some of my workouts.  Both have since signed up for facebook live and my mom has decided to take on challenge #10.

I set the goal to complete all the workouts during the challenge, even while on vacation and to improve in every aspect of the fitness test. Unfortunately I contracted strep throat and missed a few workouts but was still able to make improvements on each portion of the fitness test.  I became more aware of my blessings and the wonderful world around me.  As I would ride my bike with my kids or on my own I would find myself smiling and thinking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful life and live in such a beautiful area.  I am more at peace with who I am and who I want to become.  Helping others outside of the workplace or outside of my home does not come naturally to me. I have become more aware of others around me as I run errands or when I am with my extended family.  Listening to positive messages each day put a new perspective and outlook on what I should accomplish throughout the day.  I know I have heard some of the messages that I listened to for most of my life, but to really listen with intent made a difference in my day.  I haven’t had to deal much with finances since I stopped working and didn’t feel like I should be that involved but I realize it is still a joint effort and what I do in the home is just as important as what my husband does to make money outside of the home. When I reflect on my life I realize I had set goals in the past but had let them fade away until I started Fitmania.  I love spending time with my family but I let distractions get in my way of really enjoying being with them.  Time is precious and what we do with our time matters.





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