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Danielle E

After class I’m always glad that I went and feel so empowered

In the last 90 days my life continues to move in the right direction with fit manias help and direction. I am feeling more like a well-rounded person and am continuing to get my life back. There are no more excuses, I tell myself anyone can do anything for 45 minutes. I accepted this lean for life challenge to continue to push myself to be a better me all around. The challenge inspires me to strive for more than just average, but to go for the best. It reminds me to push myself one step further even when I want to cry and give up. Working hard isn’t easy but nothing worth something is, and I’m worth something. Doing the challenge keeps me on check with my nutrition as well. I have learned that preplanning my foods and making readily assessable healthy options in my fridge available is a must to stay on track. I now feel stronger both mentally and physically. I continue to be proud of myself for making this a commitment to better my life and am proud of the strong woman I have become. Magic happens when your fitness and nutrition are in check and it’s amazing how it affects your entire life for the better.

My biggest success during this challenge was consistency. Showing up 6x/week even when I at times I felt exhausted and didn’t want to go. After class I’m always glad that I went and feel so empowered. Another success was beating many of my Tabata scores and not dying during run and touches or suicides anymore. I generally am at the back of the pack but I’m not getting lapped anymore 🙂 My biggest obstacle was receiving a life changing diagnosis in May that will alter my life forever. I quickly decided I cannot and will not give up on myself. This just means I need to push myself even harder. It is now even more important to keep myself as healthy as possible for a brighter future. Other obstacles during this challenge were vacations and potlucks. I learned self-control is really difficult on vacation and next time I need to write down a plan prior to leaving and stick with it. I learned when going to potlucks to eat prior and to bring something that you know you can eat.





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