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In the last 90 Days my life has changed because…

  • I am much stronger. Every one of my advanced fitness test was better than it was 90 days ago. I can honestly say that this challenge, out of the 6 that I have done, has produced the fittest version of me.

I now live differently by…

  • Eating less sugar. I wasn’t able to cut it out completely, but I did my very best to keep the sugary treats to a minimum. It helped that my husband and fellow trainer Chad made the goal to only eat one treat a month- it put my struggles with sugar into perspective. If he can go the whole month of November without eating pumpkin pie (his favorite thing) I can go one week.

I’ve learned that…

  • I love food, and there is no reason why I can’t enjoy what I eat and still eat what’s good/nutritious for me.
  • Eating healthy when paired with hard intense workouts, makes me food good, strong, confident, and happy. Eating “bad” makes me feel bloated, moody, sick, and fat.

I would choose my friend Missy. She’s been through a lot over the last 2 years and the emotional rollercoaster that she has been on has been rough. I know that FitMania’s people/clients, trainers, atmosphere, and culture would give her some confidence and boost her motivation to be an even better version of her already awesome self. To help her succeed I would have to be there with her every step of the way. It would be a daily commitment for us both, but it would be worth it!





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