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Josh P

My life has changed tenfold throughout four challenges. Ninety days at a time I have learned more and more about myself. After the first challenge I learned how to be and stay physically fit, just showing up and participating 45 minutes a day. The second challenge I struggled and almost quit. Thankfully, through reflection I realized that I struggled because I was still unable to write goals that would provide a sense of direction, purpose and motivation. The third challenge provided me with insight to goal writing and tracking.  I dove into that elite division challenge and I finally had the full potential at my fingertips. Through the elite challenge, I realized for the first time, these challenges are not purely physical. Unfortunately I fell short at the end!  My goals had been set too easy and too high with nothing in between to add any direction or keep me focused.  My fourth challenge, these past 90 days, has been completely different, in a good way of course.  To begin, I finally knew how to write out goals which are obtainable and have the proper balance of making me feel slightly uncomfortable, excited, and confident.  Second, and the most important thing, I realized the importance of focusing inward.  Initially, like in every previous challenge, I set huge goals for my physical fitness, but found the physical goals shifted to the bottom of the list behind family and finances.  I recognized that the physical aspect will come with the daily discipline of participation in boot camp and an active lifestyle, but everything else needs a bit more focus.  I had major goals to do more reading and in assessing my time, I found that traveling to and from work, I spend an average of 32 hours per month on the road.  This challenge, instead of listening to hours of random radio while driving, I was introduced to many inspirational and educational audio tools.  I found myself inspired and becoming a student of life through listening to successful people, goal setting, and educational programs.  I am very proud of that new use of time and enjoying my role as a student! As background information, reading was never a strong suit of mine, in school especially I only read just enough to get an assignment done. In the past 90 days I read three books, two of them in two weeks while at work!  What previously fell in into my definition of a “chore” and seemingly added only stress to my life has now become a way for me to improve my life tenfold. Through all of this reading I have learned to live and dream big, nothing is impossible.  These small goals build to help me reach my life goals. I also feel successful in some other goal areas such as making progress on my addiction to nicotine, reducing my consumption by two-thirds. Ultimately, I have grown comfortable with the concept of failure…that in a challenge like this, there is definite failure, but those failures are only a self-check. In order to succeed, one must first fail, and after failing three challenges I finally learned how to put all the pieces together. The daily goal chart was extremely helpful. I was able to look back and see what has become habit and priority and in what areas I want to focus next. I now view these 90 day challenges as stepping stones and check points throughout the year allowing me to review and renew my lifetime goals. I am grateful for that continued opportunity!





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