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This was challenge number two for me, I knew I was capable of completing a challenge and was excited to see where this one would take me. My moto for the challenge was “Push yourself, do one more, go a little further, dig a little deeper – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!” That is what I lived by for the entire challenge regardless of what obstacles I ran into.

The challenge has changed my life in many ways. I don’t let the small things in my life create stress, I think about things first then react and pick my battles. I am much more focused on my health and make that a priority. I’m willing to try new things and get outside of my comfort zone because I’m more comfortable with myself. I think before I spend and don’t buy things to try and make myself happy. I laugh more, a lot more, the kind of laughing that makes you cry and well occasionally snort….I had lost that laugh for a while and it’s so good to have it back! The biggest change I’ve had in the past 90 days is my attitude, I’m happy with the life I have and with myself.

My husband Rob and I did this challenge together. The biggest change in the way we live is how we spend our time together. We laugh a lot more and joke with each other like we did at the beginning of our relationship. We spend a lot of time talking about our health and how we are feeling and supporting each other in our new lifestyle. We hold each other accountable and push each other to be better. I’ve enjoyed getting fitter with my best friend…..he makes my life and heart full!

Participating in the challenge has made me a stronger more positive person. I stand up for what I believe in and I don’t shy away from interjecting my opinions like I used to. I’ve been surrounding myself with positive like-minded people and distancing myself from negative people. One of my goals was to stop using the word ‘only’ negatively. This was a huge accomplishment for me and made me think and look at myself in a more positive way.

I was given the opportunity to coach during this challenge. Coaching was WAY outside my comfort zone but I’m so glad now that someone believed in me enough to allow me the opportunity. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some incredible women, I also learned a lot about myself during the process. It was so fulfilling to get to empower other women with their fitness goals. So many of us have the same struggles and the same goals. I learned how far a little encouragement can go whether you are the one giving it or the one receiving it. As people we can have such an impact in other’s lives and not even realize it. FitMania has created such a great community and I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of it. My experiences and the relationships I have made have forever changed my life.

In the past 90 days I’ve learned that I can push past my walls and go beyond what I thought my limits were. I was able to complete a ten minute plank, complete all six boot camp classes in one day, and to believe in myself and my capabilities. I learned that life happening doesn’t slow me down, even with a sprained knee I still showed up. I made the decision to finish strong! I learned the number on the scale no longer defines me. I no longer hide in my clothes and I’m proud of my accomplishments and how far I’ve come. I’m learning to love my body and to be patient with it even when it doesn’t change as fast as I want it to. I can only continue to go forward at this point and I don’t plan on slowing down now, I have made this a lifestyle and love the difference it has made in my life!





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