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I began my first challenge, Challenge #3, with the intent of getting healthy enough to have another baby.  It seems backwards to lose weight knowing you will likely gain it back in pregnancy but my first pregnancy had been so challenging, I had to make a life change before I took the risk again. I knew before I ended challenge #3 that I wanted to do the very next challenge after having my next baby. After 9 months of feeling like I had the flu and doing nothing but counting the minutes until the end of the work day so I could lay down, I was so excited to go back to Fitmania and continue my journey of transforming my life.

I started the challenge with high expectations because my first challenge had produced dramatic body change results; down 16 pounds and 29 inches. In the first few weeks, I found myself a bit discouraged because my body did not seem to be changing. At that point, I had to take a moment to evaluate where I was at in my life. I had to take into account that I started this challenge 2 months after having a baby actually in better shape as far as weight and inches than at the beginning of my first challenge. This also meant my hormone levels were not quite back to “normal” so my body would react differently to exercise and diet changes. I had also not exercised for almost a year. I couldn’t expect my body to start right back at the same place as the end of my first challenge. It would take time to get not only my body but my mind back on track. I soon realized that expecting the same weight and inch loss numbers as my first challenge was not a true measure of progress. I began some introspection and noticed that I could either be my own worst enemy or my most powerful motivator. I decided to be the later. For the first time in years, I started to like myself again. The last time I remember actually liking being me was 11 years ago as a senior in high school. My self-talk became positive rather than always telling myself I couldn’t, focusing on my flaws and generally being negative. I began celebrating my little accomplishments like doing one more push up, showing up for class even when I wasn’t as motivated, celebrating my own and others seemingly small successes. By changing my thought process, I was able to notice my body changing, strengthen my marriage, be more patient with my children and accept the challenges of life with an attitude that I CAN! This challenge has truly taught me to be on my own team not the opponent that impedes progress. No matter where I am in my life, start there and don’t look back. Make goals that take into account where your mind and body are at that moment and don’t let yourself get in the way of mastering them all!

I feel so much stronger, have more endurance and am more confident than I have been in over 10 years. I had been skinny before but never really felt fit. Now I feel like I have muscles, speed and stamina.

The best part of the challenge for me was doing my end of challenge fitness tests and noticing just how far I had come. I improved on all of them; some of them more than others. The most amazing change was running a mile 2 minutes and 1 second faster than I had just 90 days prior without running at all in between other than the running involved in boot camp classes!

Thank you Fitmania for helping me change inside and out! Start where you are and celebrate each step in the journey to becoming the best you. Never stop progressing.

I would love to get my dad started at Fitmania. He has the insurmountable challenge of caring for my sweet mom who has advanced stage Parkinson’s and dementia. He works out at a gym 6 days a week but I know that Fitmania would really change his body giving him the strength to take care of my mom. Also, the environment is so amazing at Fitmania. If he could get connected with a group of Fitmaniacs that could encourage and become his friends, he would see just what incredible potential he has in life instead of resigning himself to a life of misery.





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