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Chris M

“I work out because I’ve grown to love it. I want to get stronger, always stronger.”

This year I made a resolution or goal to make more time for myself. I stopped focusing so much on the negatives. I try to bring out the positives and be proud of every achievement made, whether it is big or small. The fact of the matter is everything you do affects your goal, so staying away from the cheesecake, or dragging yourself to go for an extra workout – it all pays off in the end. Self-discipline is necessary to living life on your own terms. It takes effort, it takes determination, it takes sacrifice, and it’s not a punishment. It’s a fulfillment, the means to reaching your highest potential.

I had people who wouldn’t support me. People who tried to convince me to binge drink out on a Friday night or share half a pizza with them and to stop being so ‘boring’, and yes, it’s hard to resist and have enough will power to say no. Sometimes it’s a lonely road when you feel isolated in that manner, but that’s what separates you from them. You should still have a social life and enjoy yourself, have treats here and there, but don’t feel forced into anything you don’t want to do.

I work out because I’ve grown to love it. I want to get stronger, always stronger.  I think I could’ve done better on my advanced fitness tests, as I feel faster.  I’m still proud of my accomplishments, especially in the mile run.  I’m not training to look a certain way, though it’s always interesting to see what it is doing to my appearance.

What have I learned this challenge (year). Experience is something that can never be taken away from you. I have enjoyed the support my 6 pm class has provided. Unlike a lot of people outside of Fitmania, they supported me every step of the way. I’m grateful they put up with me, and I’m glad I get to touch their lives. The greatest treasures you’ll ever have are the moments you spend living life fully, moments spent with those you love and care about, and moments lived passionately in pursuit of a vision, a dream or an accomplishment. I can say I’ve found that at Fitmania.

As the days go on, I try to keep in mind what an incredible, irreplaceable, great experience life is. Wherever we go, whatever our circumstance is, fill the moments with meaning and richness. Live it with joy, with wonder and intensity.





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