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Rachel G

“It was worth every penny sacrificed and every second of pain and discomfort felt. It has not been easy but I feel absolutely fantastic!!”

It was like any other morning. I woke up tired and ready to go back to bed. My mind and body both just wanted to burst. I was so close to my breaking point and stuck in an unhealthy rut. The only things keeping me somewhat together were my high spirits and hopes that somehow thrived in my scarred, achy and hurting body.  Then it happened. I made the decision. My high spirits and hopes decided it was time for change. No longer was I going to settle for less than becoming my best self. My body and mind would soon hate me for a short time for making this decision… but through hard work, dedication and perseverance become extremely grateful.

Little did I know that my body and mind were ABSOLUTELY CRAVING for me to do it the right way this time. I had tried to ‘lose weight’ before but not once did I fully embrace doing it the right way. I think we all know what I mean. I would skip meals, google fast ways to flush fat, I would starve myself or cut all fats or carbs from my diet. I was trying to ‘lose weight’… and I was missing the whole point or the big picture of BECOMING HEALTHY! I had come to believe the lie that I did not have time or energy to do it the right way and that the way I was doing it was faster and required less effort. Inches would come off but INEVITABLEY return because I was not making a lifestyle switch and I was becoming weaker in both body and mind.

I had been thinking about and wanting to come check out FitMania for OVER A YEAR. I had seen and read about some of the people who had taken on the 90 day challenge. I decided that was going to be me. If they could do it, THEN SO COULD I. It was my turn. I saw online that another challenge was starting and I decided I was going to take it on and that is exactly what I did. I can tell you now, with tears in my eyes, I am so glad I did. It was worth every penny sacrificed and every second of pain and discomfort felt. It has not been easy but I feel absolutely fantastic!! I feel healthier than I have felt in over a decade! All I did was show up, do the 40 minute exercises 6 days a week and eat wonderful delicious healthy whole foods. I am now eating over at least double what I was eating before and actually enjoying and looking forward to eating! I am never starving and wouldn’t even consider now skipping a meal or cutting out the delicious healthy fats and carbs from my diet!! I am enjoying life the way I was dreaming about before, and the best part is it has become a lifestyle and a habit now. It might sound cliché but my life is forever changed with this knowledge I have gained and that I am now applying. I have come far, but I am not yet where I desire to be. I am excited to continue my fitness journey as I become healthier and even happierJ.

The first three weeks were the toughest. I thought to myself: “Oh my golly heck!! What have I gotten myself into?” My muscles were sore, muscles I didn’t even know how to use or that I even had and it was hard! But I also kept telling myself: “Three weeks Rachel.. give it three weeks”… and that if I could stick to it for at least three weeks it would get easier as I got stronger. And that is exactly what happened! But I didn’t stop at three weeks, and I won’t ever stop nowJ. If you are trying to figure out if you can do this, I am here to tell you to think no more!! YOU CAN DO IT! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!! Your whole life can change with one decision if you stick to it. Mine has! I smile more, I have more than enough energy, my confidence is solid, I don’t hide from people or places, I play and enjoy life even more than before, I am more free to be truly me and to lift others higher, because I myself am now higher. The hardest, most challenging things have the great blessing and miracle of also bringing out the best in us. Now my mornings play out quite differently than they did before. I no longer wake up tired and ready to go back to bed. I wake up ready and with energy to live!





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