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Tracie M

“I have embraced new healthy lifestyle habits and plan to continue with them beyond my first 90 days.”

The second I signed up for challenge #8, my first FitMania challenge, I knew I would commit myself to it 100%. I knew I needed a workout program that would kick me in the butt, push me like I’ve never been pushed before. Something in my heart told me that FitMania and the Lean for Life Challenge was going to be it! A boot camp was exactly what I was looking for! Along with a new exercise program, I knew I needed something that would motivate me to make good food choices and eat healthy. When I learned that FitMania also covered the topic of food, diet and a healthy eating program, I was even more excited to jump in all the way.

A big change in the last 90 days for me is that I’ve worked out everyday FitMania’s doors were open. I only missed one Saturday after having some dental work done on Friday and told by the dentist not to exert myself for a couple of days! I decided that since I signed up for this challenge that I would take it seriously and do the workouts every day, God willing. I made that commitment to myself. The forth week I had a bad cold but still got myself in for the workouts no matter how hard they would be. I even used periscope while on vacation later in February. I feel so much stronger than when I came in. I can do more of the exercises and do them better then when I started. My flexibility and mobility has improved. I even notice that my endurance is so much better. Not to mention my confidence. I feel much more comfortable in my clothes and that I’ve stopped ‘growing and expanding’ into larger cloths, but rather starting to tone and shrink down into smaller cloths. I walk through my day with so much more self-confidence, contentment, and excitement for the future and with a big smile on my face. I have embraced new healthy lifestyle habits and plan to continue with them beyond my first 90 days.

A big part of my ‘pre-FitMania’ life was a daily indulgence of white sugar, sugary foods and flour products of all kinds. My body does not do well with these food groups! My addiction to these low energy foods was all consuming and bringing me down in so many ways. As soon as I came to FitMania I decided I needed to give it all up. So I did –cold turkey! Now I don’t obsess about eating these foods anymore. I am now focused on eating only foods that nourish me. The food part has been a huge part of my transformation. For some reason I couldn’t stop eating these unhealthy foods until I entered the challenge. This is what it took for me to make that change. Now my thoughts are on what tasks are at hand and not on my next meal. I am much more focused and productive. I get a lot more done with a great sense of ease.

I’ve learned that doing a FitMania challenge is exactly what I needed and when I needed it. I know I needed the combination of rigorous workouts along with a healthy eating plan. They work together; one is not exclusive to the other. I’ve appreciated that it is not a starvation program and that eating (healthy) is encouraged. I found that eating the 5-6 small meals a day helped satisfy me, kept me from going hungry and made my body feel good. It was nice to not be eating until I was over full and bloated anymore. I’ve learned that it doesn’t take as much food to satisfy me either. If it’s healthy and well balanced, I am completely fulfilled. I know I can keep this new lifestyle going. I can continue with these new and wonderful healthy habits. I have so much gratitude for finding FitMania and to the awesome staff and other members. I feel accepted, supported and loved!





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