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Over the last 20 years of my life I have given birth to 5 beautiful children.  And while I LOVE being a mommy, I haven’t been comfortable with my body in quite a long time – 20+ years!  I always wished I could be fit, healthy and strong.  I admired the women that were strong, toned and lean; I followed pages on Facebook that focused on women’s fitness and strength.

Before I started this challenge I believed that I didn’t have the willpower or motivation needed to do it.  I hated what I saw in the mirror and felt too self-conscious to be seen in a swimsuit.  I had to buy clothes that covered up my “problem areas” and I hated shopping because it was so depressing to try things on and feel too fat to be able to wear the cute clothes I wanted.

I felt like I didn’t have the time, money or energy to put into fitness.  Not only was it extremely hard to imagine finding time to go to a gym, it also felt very selfish to take that precious time away from my family.  Not to mention that the few attempts I made at going to a gym, I didn’t know what to do. I felt so out of place and self-conscious around these people who appeared to know exactly what to do, and looked like they’d been doing it forever!

Still, I longed to feel confident.  I dreamed of looking in the mirror and feeling good. I wished I could be one of “those” people that really got into their fitness.  And I wanted to be active with my kids.  My boys especially are very physical, and I want to be the mom that gets out there and plays with them.  I want them to see me as strong, and fun!

When I started the challenge I felt inspired right away by the amazing people that I work out with.  I read so many stories of people who have already done this challenge, sometimes more than once. These people are awesome! So I began to really enjoy going to the boot camps.

Over the last 90 days I have really started changing my own negative thoughts and self-doubts. I CAN do it! I DO have willpower and motivation! I can be strong!  I AM one of those people now! Those women I admire? I’m one of them now!  My self-thinking has done a 180 since doing this challenge! That alone has done tremendous things for me and my self-confidence.

I live differently now. I work out usually 6 days per week; these boot camps have become a regular part of my daily routine – and really one of the best parts!  I am eating much cleaner now.  I had a huge sugar addiction before.  I feel better educated now about food which helped me to eat better and overcome that addiction.

One of the coolest changes I have noticed is the example I am setting for my kids!  They truly do learn by example, and I never thought about the type of example I was setting before.  Now, my 6 year old reads labels and tries to avoid unhealthy foods! My 13 year old comes with me to the boot camps! They are all following my lead without me even having to try to push them.  It makes me feel so great to see that I am really showing them how to be better, healthier, happier people!

I have also come to realize that the exercise – those 45 minutes of boot camp – is so important and so good for my mental health as well! It is like meditation in a way!  It’s my time to clear my head and focus on something positive and healthy that makes me feel fantastic.  With that I am able to be a better mom because I am taking care of myself physically and emotionally/mentally.  I was so worried before about how to find the time to exercise, and I felt selfish for taking time away.  Now I have learned that it’s so much more than that.  This is truly helping me to reduce stress, increase energy.. which then helps me to be the mom I want to be!

The people at Fitmania play a huge role in my success.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, helpful, and best of all they are not judging anyone!  I have never been a part of something that feels so great to be in, surrounded by positive happy people, all cheering each other on.  It is so great!  I am incredibly grateful, and I am even more committed now to continuing on this path and lifestyle into the future.  Thank you!

I would choose my little sister to experience this challenge because she is a lot like me, her thinking and self-doubt as well as her desire to be strong and fit and confident!  She has 3 sons as well, and she’s already stronger than she thinks! This would boost her into a great place both physically and mentally!  To help her succeed, I would be right by her side all the way!!





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