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For me a lot has changed in the last 90 days. From developing a schedule to work out, to challenging myself in being more physically fit and in my eating habit, or the simple things of just how I was thinking in my day to day life.

Over the last couple of years, I started a few different types of programs and have only seen one other all the way through. When I was introduced to the Fit Mania Family, I saw values and purpose in what they were about and how they wanted for others to believe in themselves. So wanting to challenge myself to the point where I could complete a class without leaving and feeling like this was not for me, was a big step.  I knew that loosing inches and dropping weight was not going to be easy as well at my age.  I knew I had it in me to complete this challenge, so I set a goal to make it to every class, as well as starting to listen and observe what I was eating. And I set forth on this journey.

Developing a schedule to working out was pretty simple to do, however one of the biggest struggles, as one would say, was finding the right time of the day. I quickly discovered the 5am class would work out the best with my schedule.

At the beginning, the work outs with bare feet was a struggle as one of my feet began to develop a blister, and at the end of one of the workouts I ended up ripping the blister and felt like I had a hole in my foot.  Thanks goodness for shoes and socks after that. (Bare feet are cool and all but that sucker hurt)

I said earlier I was introduced to the Fit Mania Family, the person that I was introduced by has ended up being my biggest supporter not only through this challenge but also in my life.  She has taught me the meaning of hard work, as well pushed me to limits that I knew I had in me but ended up sailing myself short. This to me has changed the way I think today. Not only am I working out with my best friend every morning, but I have also gained a new family that wants to see me succeed in my everyday life.

At the end of the challenge I saw the buzz of nerves, as well the excitement that everyone had when it came to seeing the results after 90days. It was like a big family reunion and it didn’t matter which gym or time you worked out in. Everyone was excited to see you.

This challenge was not only to finish but finish with a purpose and a goal in mind as to where to go from here. There are no limits as to what one person can do to succeed.

I would try and be an example to what hard work and determination can accomplish. My sister (from Idaho Falls) is the one person that has watched and seen me push myself through this challenge. In fact, she just went and had her knee replaced. But before she did she would call and ask me what workouts she could do to help her recovery go faster. We would spend the time texting as well on the phone tracking her progress. And I happy to report, that after her surgery she was up and without crutches with in only a few weeks due to the weight and inches that she had developed in her own life.





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