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Technology Agreement For Elementary Students
By: admin

(5) Students use district technology and human resources resources in accordance with Administrative Directive 6163.4 and Administrative Regulation 6163.4. Failure to comply with this policy can lead to discipline, including and up to expulsion. 1. The use of technology and the Internet by students on the district site or at a school-sponsored event is a privilege that can be removed at any time. one. If the personal technology resource authorized for use is a computer, the student must have a sector adapter for the computer and a carrier bag (the backpack is allowed). d. During the event in the district or at a school-sponsored event, students must use their personal technical resources safely, responsibly and appropriately. I, 9.

Students must not damage the district`s technology and are financially responsible for any repair or replacement determined by the adjudicator entity or its agent. (4) Students must use district technology and the internet in a safe, responsible and appropriate manner. 2. All personal technology resources (which include, as an illustration and not a limitation, mobile phones and computers) will be deactivated, unless their use is authorized by a district staff member. c. Personal technology resources may only be available after permission from a district staff member; Unauthorized use may discipline the student, including and until expulsion. 3. Students are responsible for all assigned work, even if the technology resource they use is repaired. The borough makes available the necessary funds for the transfer. If you do not read and complete this form, this may result in restrictions in the use of the technology.

E. The borough is not responsible for damage to personal technical resources. (6) Students have no expectations of privacy in district resources or personal technology while on the district site or at a school-sponsored event. Computer files and electronic communications, including e-mail, are not private and can be accessed at any time by the District to ensure compliance with Council policies and regulations. These include computer files and electronic communications accessible by district technology or the district network, but stored outdoors. Date: Student Signature:

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