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Vmware Data Processing Agreement
By: admin

Rights and decisions in which VMware acts as a processor: Some VMware services can be used by our customers to collect personal data about you. In such cases, we treat this personal data only on behalf of our clients and anyone wishing to exercise their rights should first submit their request to our client (responsible for processing). description of the technical and organizational security measures implemented by the data importer in accordance with points 4 (d) and 5 (c) (or related documents/legislation): (b) which it has no reason to believe; whereas the applicable legislation may provide the instructions received from the data exporter and its contractual obligations and that, in the event of a change in this legislation that could significantly affect the guarantees and obligations provided by the clauses, it immediately notifies the data exporter as soon as it becomes aware, in which case the data exporter is allowed to suspend the transfer of data and/or terminate the contract; Right to correct or update your data: If you want to correct or update the personal data you have provided to us, please log in to myvmware.com and update your profile. The data protection officer may at any time complete and/or make changes to this data protection authority and all the constituent elements (including all assurances provided by the data manager) by informing the data protection officer, with the data protection officer expressly stating that this is an amendment or complement to this data protection authority. The processing manager informs the person in writing of the processing of the new conditions, which can also be presented in electronic form. The processor can notify the data processor of any objection to the new conditions within 10 (10) working days. Where such an objection is made, the data protection authority cannot be amended or supplemented unless it is a written agreement between the parties. If no objections are raised, the changes and/or additions to the data protection authority will come into effect after 30 days. Zscaler processes personal data in the data center closest to the location of our customers` users (i.e.

EU data centers for EU users, US data centers for US users). If an EU user were to travel to the United States, Zscaler would process their personal data from the nearest data center in the United States.

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