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9 ways to stay happy in the winter
By: admin


My husband and I are not fond of cold weather. When it is very cold our natural inclination is to stay home but most of the time we resist that inclination, at least a little. One extremely cold Saturday we dressed up warm and went downtown. We walked to the local outdoor market, to a chocolate specialty store, some of the downtown shops, to lunch and then a matinee at the downtown theater. What could have been a very dreary day turned out to be fun and memorable.

Once the Holidays are over it is very easy to settle into a winter funk. Like most things being a little proactive, or just plain active, is the key to a better winter. Here are a few ideas to help you keep you active and happy in the winter:

  • Take a class and learn something new
  • Pick up a new hobby or renew your passion for an old one
  • Embrace winter weather. Dress for the weather and get outdoors regularly
  • Invest in warm clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it. I have had fun with this one this year.
  • Watch your self talk. Remember, “What you think about expands”
  • Invest in a light therapy box. This isn’t my favorite one. I like things that are more active and proactive but lights have shown to be very effective for some people. For information on what kind of light to buy  http://www.sad.org.uk/buying-a-sad-light/
  • Avoid medications for altering mood if possible. They always come with a price


And the obvious BIG TWO:

BIG FIRST:  Workout to get your daily endorphin cocktail

BIG SECOND:  Avoid sugar, flour and processed foods. We tend to crave these high carbohydrate foods in the winter but eating them will sabotage your happiness


Have a happy winter!

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