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Arthritis and 3 things you should know to stall it
By: admin


My beautiful massage therapist, Sandra, asked me if I thought I had arthritis in my hips. I told her that I absolutely know I do based on the fact that I am over 60 years old and that I saw it on an x-ray over a decade ago. But those are the only reasons I know. I don’t suffer from it.


Most middle aged or older adults have, or believe they have, osteoarthritis (commonly referred to as arthritis). Everyone will get it if they live long enough. You don’t have to suffer from it and you can actually do a lot to forestall it.


As I was researching osteoarthritis, and how to prevent it, I was reminded of something Margaret Thatcher said, “Of course it is the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story.” I am going to give you a few facts about osteoarthritis, how to prevent or forestall it, but do not expect anything too surprising. Even though I have never written about osteoarthritis this information will feel very familiar.


  1. Exercise

Movement is critical to reducing or postponing your chances of having arthritis and reducing pain if you do have it. Make exercise a part of your regular routine, 5 – 6 times a week, and all your life. (For fitness purposes exercise less than an hour a day – more could be counterproductive, especially if you already have arthritis.)


  1. Food

Consuming sugar, trans fat, refined food or alcohol increases your odds of getting arthritis. Eating whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, reduces your chances of getting arthritis.


  1. Weight Control

For every pound we are overweight the stress on our joints goes up as well as our chance of arthritis. If you have extra weight start working on it today. (Low calorie diets are not the answer. When you reduce calories you reduce valuable disease fighting nutrients. Low calorie diets also cause metabolic damage.)


Osteoarthritis has also been linked to other chronic inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Do you know what the best ways to prevent these diseases are? Exercise. Food. Weight Control. I told you it would be the same old story.

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