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By: admin

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”  Jim Rohn

This boot camp program is the best in Boise!  Here are 14 reasons why.

  1. This boot camp is metabolic training and most boot camps are not. It’s a metabolism builder. We do High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT) or metabolic training.  When you use a treadmill or lift weights in traditional programs your metabolism immediately drops back to normal but with HIIRT training your metabolism stays up for 36+ hours!  About the time it begins to return to normal you are back for another session.  Over time you build a faster metabolism.
  2. Our program at Fitmania is based on solid scientific fitness principles and we stay current with the latest research.
  3. We use exercises based on natural body movement, the way you moved and played when you were young. Improved core strength is a priority and endurance, agility, balance and range of motion are all improved.
  4. There is almost no risk of injury because we use natural movement and little added weight.  Good form is a priority and is taught continually.
  5. This is group personal training so we keep the classes small.
  6. The time demand is minimal.  Who has time to live in a gym?  Three to four 45 minute sessions a week covers all the intense cardio and the resistance (muscle building) training you need.  This is a total workout.  Do something on the other days, but do something you enjoy at whatever pace you enjoy doing it.
  7. Body builders to overweight moms all get maximum benefits because this workout is done in timed intervals.  Everybody goes at their best pace and exercises are modified for each persons needs.
  8. No fluff, no gimmicks, no waste of time.  No sand bags or tires to throw.  Only the best exercises and simplest equipment.
  9. New workouts each week.  No boredom and no adapting.
  10. This is the most intense and addictive 45 minutes in Boise!
  11. No contracts.  We want you to stay because it is the best program in town and it works, not because you got caught up in a good sales pitch!
  12. The monthly membership fee entitles you to attend as many sessions as you want at whatever time works best for you that day.
  13. Body measurements, nutrition and gym memberships are part of the enrollment fee.
  14.  This is a great environment.  No yelling, no ego.  We have exceptional trainers and the reason they work here is because they want to make a difference.

You see boot camp programs everywhere.  You might be wondering if it is just the latest fitness craze and will go the way of leg warmers and Jane Fonda videos.  Many programs will fade away because everybody who thinks they know anything about fitness is calling any program they want to put together a boot camp.  However, good programs based on solid principles like Fitmania’s are here to stay.  It will be the traditional gyms and programs that become fitness dinosaurs.

“All life is a chance.  So take it!  The person who goes furthest is the one who is willing to do and dare.”   Dale Carnegie 

By:  Sherry Fernandez


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