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By: admin
So what is a BHAG? Well I am going to tell you but first I have to tell you about why it is on my mind…

The extent of my daily news intake comes from a quick scan of the moon and starslocal paper while I eat breakfast. Today
there were two articles on health and fitness. While neither article said anything that wasn’t true I found them annoying and still false. Two reasons:


  • The one article considered “older adults” everyone over 40. I am 60 so that was just irritating.


  • The other reason is how uninspiring both articles were. The approach was just start slow with afitness plan, do a little something, do not set unrealistic goals, etc. Okay I get it. Start slow and work into more but who is going to stick with a program that isn’t inspiring and will yield such a slow return. If I get a chance to write an article like that my message is, “Hey, you are not too old! Let’s get you out training for a local race, hike the Pacific Trail or get some ripped looking abs!” Now isn’t that kind of message more inspiring?


A few minutes later I was reading from “The 4 Hour Work Week” and saw this comment:

“Goals have to be unrealistic to be effective.” Timothy Ferris


As I jotted that down in my planner I noticed the quote of the day:

“Go for the moon. If you don’t get it you will still be headed for a star.” Willis Reed


All of this reminded me of the acronym BHAG proposed by Jim Collins:

“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”


Everybody should have BHAG’s in all areas of life. You won’t believe what you can accomplish by attempting what appears to be the impossible. And hey:

“You can always do more than you think you can.”



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