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Eat food that grows in the ground or has a parent!
By: admin


My husband owns a constructions supply business. Because they deliver supplies to their customers as well as transport product among their six locations they have a large number of trucks. Some of these trucks use gas for fuel and some use diesel. Once in a while a driver will accidentally put gasoline in a diesel truck. That truck will begin to run poorly until eventually it will need to be repaired.

clean food

We live in a society where people use all kinds of “foods” for fuel but a lot of it is fuel we are not intended to use. When we eat things we were not designed to eat the result is physical and mental illness, weight gain and lack of efficiency.

Here are a few rules to keep our fuel clean:

  • Eat only food that has a parent or grows from the ground. If you do not recognize every ingredient as a real and whole food neither will your body. Eat vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa. Before you reach for that cupcake, energy bar or weight loss shake ask yourself if you have ever seen one of those hanging from a tree or plant.


  • Do not eat refined foods. Plant based food should typically look like it did while it was alive or at least recognized as such. Meats and animal products should be simple and easy to recognize.


  • Sugar is your worst enemy and it is extremely addictive. Sugar found naturally in food is good. Refined sugar that is added to food is easily the leading cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, arthritis, auto immune diseases and low energy.  It also contributes to anxiety and depression. We can have sweet without refined sugar. There are a lot of natural foods that can satisfy a sweet tooth.


  • Artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain, metabolic syndrome and a host of other medical concerns. They also perpetuate our addiction to “sweet”.


  • Avoid meats that are cured with nitrites, nitrates, sugar and other chemicals.


  • Most people should avoid all wheat and wheat based products. Wheat appears to be a weight gainer and an inflammatory. It has also been linked to other health problems. (Remember that wheat must be “processed” in order to be consumed.)


  • Always read your labels or eat food that doesn’t need a label.


The procedure to repair a diesel truck that has been filled with gas is to flush the fuel system with clean diesel. It is literally repaired with the fuel it was designed to use. The solution to many of our physical, mental and emotional problems can be improved or cured by filling ourselves with the nutrient dense fuel we were designed to eat.

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