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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” -Buddha


Nothing keeps us more focused on food than having to count calories, measure portions or stick to a diet plan that some one else wrote. It isn’t the way we were intended to eat and it isn’t much fun. We can eat well and put the joy back into food. Just pay attention to these simple rules and don’t forget your free download!

A few rules:

Eat. We are designed to eat.  It is interesting to me that whether a person is trying to gain weight or lose it the solution is essentially the same: Eat and eat often.  Eat every 2 1/2 – 3 hours.  Always.

Eat real food.  A carrot, an apple, a chicken breast and almonds are all real food.  You know where they came from and there are no ingredients you can’t pronounce, but do you know how a PowerBar is made?  How do they make I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter?  No one knows!  Can you pronounce all the ingredients in that meal replacement shake?  If it sounds like a chemical maybe you shouldn’t eat it!  Scientists keep coming up with replacements for real food but coming up short.  They just can’t compete with nature.

Eat your macros.  There are technically only three macro nutrients: protein, carbs and fats. FitMania adds one more to the mix and that is vegetables. This extra focus makes sure we get the benefits of veggies in every meal. We need all the macros in every meal. Take Bill Phillips guide:  The protein should be the size of your palm, a carbohydrate the size of your fist and make sure you get some fat.  Isn’t that simple?  Now you can throw that food scale and calorie guide away. Are you tired of all the confusion surrounding what to eat and what not to eat? Well speaking of guides… Here is a simple one for you to stick on your refrigerator as a quick reference. Just click the download button and fill in your name and email and enjoy!

Eat the WHOLE thing.  Eat food as whole as possible.  Eat the skin of the apple and don’t throw away the yolk of your egg.  Get rid of added sugar. Sugar is a chemical and responsible for nearly all the extra pounds walking around America.  Artificial sweeteners are not good either.  Obviously if something is artificial it isn’t real food, and I promise you it will not aid in weight loss.

Plan ahead.  If you don’t plan those meals in advance you will be reaching for the junk that is so ubiquitous in our society.

There you go.  Five easy rules and a resource you can slap on your fridge or keep at your desk at work.  Easy to remember and you didn’t have to buy a book or some pseudo food product.  Now go out there and live a healthy life.

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