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By: admin

A wise man said, “We should all be students of inevitability.”  Jim Rohn

We are all on the road to somewhere and the destination is inevitable.  The trick is to know that the road we are on is taking us to the place we want to go!


I have in my desk drawer a fewredwood tree cones.  Did you know that even though the redwood is the tallest and most majestic of trees  the cone is small, about the size of a thimble?  I keep these cones because they remind me of human potential. Like the cone we start small but have within us the power to be majestic.   What separates us from the redwood cone is that the cone is dependent on the conditions being just right where they fall in order to become a mighty redwood.  People, regardless of where they fall, can choose what they become.  Most redwood cones crumble in the ground without reaching their grand potential.  It’s inevitable. But why do so many people settle for so little when they can choose?

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  Viktor Frankl

So what is the inevitable destination of the road you are on?   In a moment of honest reflection each of us needs to ask ourselves this very important question, “Without kidding myself, if I keep up my current daily practices, where will I be in one year? In five years?  In 10 years?”

  • What is my inevitable destination if I keep up my current spending and saving practices?  Am I on my way to financial independence or Social Security dependence?
  • What is my inevitable destination if I keep up my current relationship practices?  Am I investing in my most important relationships?  Is my marriage getting more intimate or am I on the road to divorce or estrangement from my spouse, children, parents and siblings?
  • What is my inevitable destination if a keep up my current spiritual practices?  Am I growing closer to God so that I might draw on His power or am I drifting away?
  • What is my inevitable destination if I keep up my current health and fitness practices?  Am I on the road to being leaner, stronger and fitter or to obesity and disease?

You cannot wait for something or someone to come along and change your life because they might not show up.  You cannot wait for circumstances to be just right because they never will be.  Neither can you cross your fingers and hope for the results you want.  The crop we reap is dependent on the seeds we sow today.   It is the daily practices that build the exceptional life.  You must decide what you want and then start today to do what is necessary to achieve the life you want.

“Most people don’t want to engage in these extra disciplines but the treasure and the equity is so unique!  The price paid in these early disciplines is small compared to the treasures that will unfold for you in your heart, your mind and your purse.” Jim Rohn

Choose with deliberation the road you take.  Pay the price to be what you want to be.  The results are inevitable and the journey a wonderful adventure!

By Sherry Stirling Fernandez, CPT

CEO of FitMania Boot Camp Specialists

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