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Instead of setting “resolutions” for 2017, try this
By: admin

FitLife Coaching & Personal Development


 Next session starts January 16th. 

Aristotle had Plato and Plato had Socrates. Philosophers through the ages as well as star athletes, successful businessmen, and great musicians have used mentors and coaches to reach their full potential. If you are looking to accelerate your progress, having a coach or mentor can make all of the difference.

Instead of setting “resolutions” for 2017, try this:

  • decide what you want
  • get a coach
  • make a game plan



  • This is a 90 day program
  • You will meet with your coach once a week in person or by phone for approximately 5 weeks and then once every two weeks depending on your needs
  • You will receive additional information, motivation and accountability by email
  • The cost is $1000.


FITMANIA’S FitLife coaches are people who are successful in life and desire to help others find and use the principles of success. The intent of FitLife Coaching and Personal development is to accelerate progress in all areas of your life. The program includes:

  • Clarity and Vision – Determine what you truly want in life
  • Life Evaluation – Evaluate which areas of your life are strong and which ones need strengthening
  • Life Design – Begin designing the life you desire. This is a “whole life” program; setting goals in all areas of human achievement
  • Mission Statement – Develop a focused mission statement that is uniquely yours to guide and direct your life
  • Accountability – Your coach will hold you accountable to your own program
  • Motivation – Your coach will assist you in staying motivated and teach you systems for keeping yourself motivated



You must fill out an application to be considered and space is limited. APPLY HERE.

For more information, visit the FitLife Personal Development website at http://www.fitlifepersonaldevelopment.com


If this is not the most productive 90 days of your life, we will give you your money back plus $100 for your time.


To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.

-William James



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